European Private
Doctor Association

Sharing the best medical practices around the world

The European Private Doctor Association (EPDA) contributes to the exchange of Best Medical Practices around the world to continuously improve patient care. The EPDA is affiliated with the Geneva Health Institute. It is open to international physicians and is also the Alumni Associaiton of the Geneva Health Institute. The EPDA philosophy is patient-oriented. EPDA Members have holistic approach to medicine. This approach aims at the amelioration of all aspects of health and wellbeing. Outcomes are measured according to medical as well as emotional and social criteria, englobing the whole quality-of-life spectrum. EPDA helps physicians involved in the public hospitals system in their country to create a Successful Private Practice.

EPDA organises training and experience-sharing groups oriented toward holistic and less-invasive procedures favoured by patients. These learning events are regularly planned under the leadership of top medical experts forming the International Medical Committee of the Association.

EPDA Members receive great benefits such as:

  • Training on how to create your successful Private Practice at GHI
  • Access to the Women Health Holistic Medicine Journal
  • Receive and Write in the EPDA Newsletter
  • Receive Degrees for Continuous Improvement Training at GHI
  • Register to Conferences and Events organised by EPDA and its partners GHI and SMI