Discover the European Private Doctor Association

The European Private Doctor Association is an institution of research and higher education (for Medical Doctors). Selective and cosmopolitan, it is located in Geneva and specializes in the study of the major global, international and transnational challenges facing the medical world. It offers professional development programs and expertise to international physicians from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

The EPDA history dates back to 2001, the time of the creation of BioData, a leading medical conference in Geneva. BioData has been the place for learning about medical innovation for thousands of professionals involved in the field of medicine. In 2011, BioData partnered with Archamps Technopole, a major Educational and Convention Centers near Geneva. Archamps Technopole hosts several prestigious Training Institutes under the prestigious umbrella of the European Scientific Institute. In the medical field, Archamps Convention Center hosts each year the European School of Medical Physics. The ESTBB (Ecole de Biotechnologies de l'Université Catholique) and the BioHealth Computing Consortium (Euro-Asian Graduate School in Systems medicine and Bioengineering) are also located in Archamps Technopole.

Students come from all around Europe and beyond to participate in training programs given by experts from throughout the world.

The EPDA strategy is articulated around public-private partnerships supported by leading patrons and foundations to whom we should like to extend our sincere gratitude.

Several core values guide the EPDA mission:
  • to foster a holistic approach to Medicine
  • to share best medical practices around the world
  • to make an academic contribution to the development of Medicine
  • to promote patient satisfaction in all measurements of Medical Outcomes